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Glamping trend Glamping with the dog

Holiday trend for dog owners: glamping

You want to enjoy the luxury of a hotel on your vacation and your dog should definitely not be missing. After hours of research, you can usually only find a few hotels that welcome pets. Most of the time, these are ones that you don't want to live in.

No family member can be missing when going glamping - not even those with fur.

Glamorous camping with a dog – where there are no limits to your wishes

​Where should it go? Would you rather go to the warm south or discover the mountains of the north ? You can find glamping accommodations where dogs are allowed in all directions.

There are no limits when it comes to choosing a holiday home. With a sporty dog, a cabin in the mountains is a fantastic option. When the first rays of sunshine tickle your nose, the hike begins and in the evening you can look forward to a homely atmosphere in your own home.

If summer, sun and beach tempt you, then a beach house by the sea is the ideal choice for you! Feel the fresh breeze blowing through your hair and cool off in the blue waters. Let the sun dry you off on your own terrace and end the evening relaxing.

Man with dog in camper van

Glamping holidays with dogs

Your four-legged friend should definitely not be missing. These glamping accommodations offer not only you but also your loved one an unforgettable holiday.

Glamping holidays with dogs

Glamping with dog meadow

A dog park is a great playground for your furry friend. Let him romp around freely there and enjoy the sun's rays on your skin.

Glamping with dog meadow
Dog on a dog meadow
Dog swims in the water

Bathing facilities also for dogs

In the summer heat, it's not just the owner who needs to cool down, a dog also enjoys cooling off!

Bathing facilities for dogs

Car-free glamping sites

Shouldn't your furry friend have to breathe in the smelly exhaust fumes from cars while on vacation? Visit a car-free glamping site and create a feel-good place for your dog too.

Car-free glamping sites
Man loves his dog