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The motorhome as a glamping property?

The motorhome as a glamping property? - glamping.info
Roland Bamberger

You see them again and again in the media: luxury motorhomes that only have the wheels in common with the T1 from VW. A mini garage, luxurious interior, wellness area and a cockpit that resembles that of a private jet. The glamping scene has already hit the streets , but can we actually talk about glamping here?

The requirements for a glamping holiday in a palace on four wheels are not necessarily suitable for everyone. In addition to the necessary change in your pocket, you will also need a truck driver's license (depending on the country) . To make the whole thing really glamorous, you should have at least one small car on hand so that you can fill the garage in the motorhome. These hurdles exclude a large part of the camping community from this type of glamping holiday. Nevertheless, glamping holidays do not necessarily have to be rental accommodation.

Glamping motorhome

The combination of comfortable camping vehicles and luxurious campsite offerings can represent the high-end version of a glamping holiday . Many pitch providers have jumped on the trend and offer premium pitches that are designed precisely for this type of camping. Several hundred square meters of parking space , all connections, the best location and attractive leisure and wellness facilities right on site make a holiday in a motorhome a real glamping experience. We learned from a press release from Niesmann+Bischoff that there are already collaborations between motorhome manufacturers and campsites. At the Sexten Caravan Park, owners of Niesmann+Bischoff motorhomes enjoy special service and therefore even more glamor on their camping holiday.

But if you don't want to afford a motorhome for EUR 150,000 (without Smart), you can find the perfect vacation elsewhere. Sometimes even an old T1 and a place in nature are enough to enjoy a different kind of luxury .

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